Opened in 2007, on the premises of an old printing factory in the historic Passages des Panoramas, Racines is a Parisian bistro marked by its “raw cuisine” made up of great produce and slow cooking.

Simone Tondo took the helm of Racines in late 2017, re-branding the style of the place as a “Bistrosteria” - a balance between his grandmother, Marisa's, recipes and the techniques of a new Parisian bistro. Offering an experience that puts the customer at the heart of it all, serving dishes in casserole dishes and tureens. In the dining room, Stephanie Crockford illuminates the service with her personality and a select list of “vins vivants”.

Named best “Bistrattoria” in the 2019 Le Fooding Guide, and in January Racines was awarded its first star in the 2019 Michelin Guide.


Since Roseval and Tondo, Simone has made Racines his own, his third experience as a chef-owner. Arriving in Paris in 2010 for the opening of Rino by Giovanni Passerini, it is both with him and Petter Nilsson, La Gazetta, that he learnt a Parisian approach to produce and cooking. In 2012 he opened Roseval, awarded ‘Best Table’ in the 2013 Le Fooding Guide, where he first hired Likhan Deb, who has since become his sous chef. At Racines Simone has evolved his cooking, enriched with the recipes of Nonna Marisa and lively service.


At Racines the kitchen lives in the everyday, the seasons are told by the ingredients, full of intense flavour, championing artisanal craftmanship. Simone transforms the produce with recipes from Sardinia, Italy and Paris. The dynamic menu presented on the blackboard, enriched daily with a few last-minute additions, boasts gourmet dishes such as pasta with beef cheek ragout, a veal chop served Milanese style and Mamma’s desserts.

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